How to Avoid Being Ripped Off by Computer Repairs

01 February, 2018 by Gary Cox

If you knowcon man how to use technology, it can be a powerful tool that can take your business to the next level. Knowing how to operate and maintain your company’s network requires a very technical knowledge, knowledge that you may not have. Instead of trying to take a crash course in networking, it will be more advantageous if you outsourced your IT.

Computer Repairs Require Technical Expertise
Upon first experiencing an issue with your computer network, you may think that you can fix it because you know your way around a PC pretty well, but be warned, a business’ IT network is much more complicated than what sits on your desk. In fact, a computer network can’t even fit on your desk. Even a small network has multiple server units that connect workstations, routers, network security tools, a mobile device management solution, and more. There’s also a lot to understand and maintain on the software side of your network, like keeping your antivirus software up to date, managing your security settings, making sure that your software licences are current, and much more.

Your Own Expertise is Too Valuable to Neglect
If you don’t fully grasp the complexities of your company’s network, then this doesn’t mean you’re a dummy. It takes brains to successfully manage a profitable business; therefore, you’re no dummy. Far from it, you’re an expert! An expert is highly skilled in one discipline at the expense of being mediocre with other skill sets, which means that you can’t be an expert at everything. Hiring experts is how the economy works and how your business makes money. For example, people hire your business for whatever it does because they need your company’s expertise to meet their needs, and you’re able to charge money because customers lack your expertise and are willing to pay for it. This is Economics 101.

For your company to grow, you need to hone in on your expertise. It’s more profitable for you to concentrate on becoming a better manager or improving your product than it is for you to waste time troubleshooting a problem with your IT network. With the help of Google Search, we’re sure that you can likely fix your IT problem, but at what cost? It may take you one day to diagnose the problem, and then another to fix it. Meanwhile, you’re not able to take care of your customers’ problems, which is how your business makes money. You can now see why paying a professional to fix your IT is worth the expense. Having GCComp quickly take care of the problem will save you both time and money from doing it yourself.

Managed Services Removes the suspicion of Technical Service
When it comes to saving you time by having an expert repair your computer network, any technically trained PC break-fix company can do this for you and save you time. However, on the money side of the equation, you will discover that not every PC fix-it expert will save you money in the same way. This is why GCComp Computer Repair &Maintenance approaches IT differently by managing it. Managed services are better because it saves you more money than just fixing a problem and then waiting for the computer to break again.

The break-fix approach doesn’t lend itself to the best IT service because it leaves open a possibility for an expert to take advantage of their customers with their technical knowledge. You see this with other fields of technical break-fix services. For example, perhaps you’re not very knowledgeable about how your vehicle’s engine works and your car “throws a rod.” The break-fix mechanic knows that the problem has to do with a connecting rod breaking and piercing a hole in the engine block, and they can go into great detail about it and what it takes to fix it. However, you have no idea what a rod is and will only understand the sentence, “It takes x amount of money to fix it.” If a mechanic wanted to use their technical knowledge to exploit your wallet with an inflated repair bill, they would be able to do it pretty easily, and it would be in their best interest to because they may only work with you once.

With managed IT services from GCComp, the suspicion from technical service is removed because the nature of the business relationship changes from a break-fix service to a partnership. When your technology is managed by us, it means that we’re invested in the day-to-day health of your computer network. Our success is contingent upon your continued success, not on dishing out a major repair bill. Thanks to a partnership with you, we’re able to routinely equip your network with the best solutions that will make your technology more productive and take care of issues before they turn into problems.

By outsourcing your technology IT maintenance to GCComp, you’re able to experience significant savings when it comes to your IT repair costs, and you can know for certain that you’re not being taken advantage of. Best of all, you won’t have to waste any of your time trying to solve your technology problems, which will free you up to become an even greater expert in your own field. To gain an IT expert in your corner that you can trust, give us a call on 072-898-0362.

Call us on 072-898-0362 to answer your questions or to provide Computer and IT Support, we would be happy to hear from you. We at GCComp have the experience and technical knowledge to help you with your technology issues “We know technology so you don’t have to”.

Published by Coxy

A confident and talented IT technician with extensive practical experience of working with computers and resolving any support issues that are raised to him. Possessing a proven ability to administer and control the operation, configuration and maintenance of computer based information systems, as well as having an eye for detail and able to multi-task under pressure.

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