What the SMB Needs from a Backup Solution

By Gary Cox

small businessA business owner knows how important data backup is, but they might not have the time or knowledge to seek out the best solution for their business. Unfortunately, disasters can happen when you least expect it, and this unpredictability holds the future of your company hostage. Before jumping into a particular backup solution, think about where your business currently stands, and what options you have available to you.

The Current State of Your Backup Solution
Have you ever taken the time to think about your current backup situation? Even if you’ve never really thought about it, your organization probably has at least some type of backup solution at its disposal. One method that’s commonly used is tape, which stores data on tape cartridges for data restoration purposes. Others that are commonly used (more by the consumer rather than business) are external USB drives or hard disk drives; though, it should be mentioned that these devices don’t particularly cover data backup best practices.

The biggest question that you want to ask yourself when analysing your current backup situation is whether or not it’s what you feel your business deserves. Naturally, you want only the best solution for your data backup needs, and tape has plenty of limitations that can hold your operations back. If your backups are stored on-site, a disaster could destroy them, along with the rest of your infrastructure. Furthermore, tape can take a long time to restore from.

GCComp’s BDR Solution

GCComp Logoƒ 3The best backup solution out there is one that brings about minimal downtime in the face of a disaster, therefore mitigating data loss and lost revenue. This solution can back up your data to both the cloud and somewhere off-site, so that you can get back in action as soon as possible. A comprehensive solution like this might seem out of reach for a small or medium-sized business, but it doesn’t have to be.

Gccomp Computer Repair & Maintenance is skilled at bringing enterprise-level solutions designed to optimize operations to the small business, at a scalable, affordable price. The most comprehensive response to these common issues is GCComp’s Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution, which brings the best of data backup and disaster recovery to bear in one complete package. Our BDR is capable of taking multiple backups throughout the day and sending them to the cloud, and a secure off-site data centre. This lets you access the backups as soon as you need to, like in the event that a disaster prevents your business from functioning properly.

Our BDR is so efficient that it’s even capable of acting as a server unit in the event your current infrastructure goes down. This is useful if the hardware is somehow inoperable, like following a hacking attack or a hardware failure. This minimizes downtime and gives your business enough time to figure out a more permanent fix to the problem, without wasting precious time doing so.

Call us on 072-898-0362 to answer your questions or to provide Computer and IT Support, we would be happy to hear from you. We at GCComp have the experience and technical knowledge to help your business with your technology issues “We know technology so you don’t have to”. 


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